Kate Gosselin's tubby ex-hubby shows off his tummy flab. Photo: INF

Jon Gosselin's ego is finally getting a much-needed check.

The over-exposed reality star was called out in the December issue of Glamour, which ran a photo of him lifting up his shirt (Ed Hardy, we're guessing?) to reveal some tummy flab.

Even at a time where real-size women and plus-size models are being embraced like never before, Jon Gosselin's gut will always be a big, fat "don't."

After all, you can't trade Dora the Explorer for Christian Audigier and suddenly become a young stud.

Gosselin, who is rarely seen with his kids these days, seems to have missed the memo. He tries to keep up with 22-year-old girlfriend Hayley Glassman by attending wild parties, dressing younger, and attempting to gain cool points with a clothing line, all of which have contributed to his negative public image.

Even Kevin Federline (who also gained some baby weight) is over his wild post-breakup party period. Maybe he and Gosselin will appear on Celebrity Fit Club together?