Kate Moss with her runway-ready daughter Lila Grace. Photo: Sylvia Linares, FilmMagic

Lock up your daughters! Kate Moss is hitting the children's birthday party circuit!

The supermodel is giving Hannah Montana and Harry Potter a run for their money after throwing BFF Sadie Frost's eight-year-old daughter Iris a model-themed birthday party complete with a catwalk show, the Daily Mail reports.

(And here we thought a Bratz party was the pinnacle in awkwardly inappropriate party themes.)

Little Iris, whose dad just happens to be Jude Law, and her pint-sized guests -- including Moss' own six-year-old daughter, Lila Grace -- were privy to inside runway tips from Moss at the celebration, which was held in London, the paper reports.

"Kate had been teaching Iris and Lila Grace how to model and how to walk the catwalk properly in preparation for the party," a source told the Daily Mail.

"All of the girls at the bash wanted to be Kate. She brought along lots of clothes for them and the girls had their hair and make-up done especially.

"Kate also presided over all of the accessories to make the party goers look as catwalk-worthy as possible. She was teaching them how to master her famous hip swagger and her 'I don't care look.'"

Frankly, we don't think eight-year-olds need much help in mastering a bored expression, but hey, that swaggering really might come in handy when you're trying to make a big impression at daycare.

Apparently Moss -- who for the children's sake we hope included a lesson on why dating Pete Doherty is a terrible idea -- was a big hit, as sources tell the Daily Mail that Iris now has her heart set on being a supermodel.

Hmmm. Jude may have shagged the nanny, but we think mama Sadie has got some serious parental 'splaining to do.

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