Photo: Amy Sussman, Getty Images

If you watched "Gossip Girl" last Monday, chances are you saw the sneak peek of Leighton Meester's sexy new solo video "Somebody to Love" (featuring Robin Thicke).

The full-length video hits The CW's Website today (you can watch a preview clip here), but thankfully StyleList got the fashion lowdown so you won't have to wait.

Meester was in New York City celebrating "Gossip Girl" costume designer Eric Daman's new style book "You Know You Want It: Style -- Inspiration -- Confidence," for which she wrote the foreword.

After she struck a few poses in a printed Marios Schwab dress, Gucci heels and jewels by party host Swarovski, we caught up with Meester to discuss her video style.

"I got to really express myself and obviously, you can easily go over-the-top sexy or over-the-top fashion when it comes to music. But I was just having a good time," she says.

"We have a bunch of stuff from the Proenza archives and there's some Givenchy and a bunch of Balenciaga. I wear a vintage hat at one point. It's just really luxurious clothes."

Leighton might be a trendsetter, but one of her latest outfits is getting mixed reviews. Weigh in on her blossoming dress.