Designer Thakoon Panichgul. Photo: Getty Images.

Thakoon Panichgul, the genius behind Thakoon, is branching out into fine jewelry.

The ready-to-wear designer (and Michelle Obama favorite) has signed on to design for Japanese jewelry company Tasaki.

One of the largest jewelers in Asia, the company came looking for Panichgul. "They scoured for me and searched me out," Panichgul told StyleList.

"My PR office in Japan called and said this fine jewelry company wanted to speak to me and only me. They saw a synergy in what we do," he explained.

It was a serendipitous meeting, as Panichgul loves fine jewelry. "I've always been interested in designing fine jewelry," the designer admits. "Something about the twist of hidden luxury was a fit for me."

In this new role, he will design Tasaki's top tier collection and will act as creative director for the rest of the company's lines.

Tasaki is known for pearl jewelry, and in fact it supplies Mikimoto with its pearls. "I'm drawn to pearls as a material," Panichgul said, but also, raw diamonds.

Adding, "I think it's so devaluing when diamonds are cut up to look like everything else. I'm non-flashy in that way."

Tasaki is sold mainly in Asia, but Panichgul hopes to introduce the brand in the U.S sometime in the future. "We will take it slowly," he told us. (Not too slow, we hope.)

Thakoon also serves as the creative director for Hogan.

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