Lagy Gaga is ready for her closeup.

Lady Gaga's latest music video, "Bad Romance," debuted at Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show.

Now, it's making rounds on the internet as Gaga fans clamor for a glimpse of her latest crazy looks.

As expected, there are bizarre accessories, multiple outfit changes, funky dance moves, and creepy props.

Just another day in Gaga land!

But aside from the eyefuls of fashion candy, like those fierce McQueen shoes, what really struck us was the ultra-closeup of Gaga in, well, normal makeup.

The star framed her green eyes in neutral eyeshadow, focusing on natural-looking (but defined) lashes. Her skin was perfectly primed and luminous, and her lips were painted in opaque nude lipstick.

We're liking it! See Gaga's makeup, outfits and more in the video below: