Saks employee was arrested for allegedly stealing $130,000 through gift card scam. Photo: Brian Ach, Getty Images for IMG.

Saks Fifth Avenue is having financial issues, but surprisingly, the economy is not to blame for this one. Instead, it's looking like employees have been caught stealing from their high-end department store employer.

Saks sales associate Kashien Mercer was arrested by the Manhattan DA on charges of grand larceny, reports the New York Post.

Authorities said that Mercer had allegedly been ringing up "returns" on items stolen from the company's Fifth Avenue flagship in NYC to the tune of $130,000.

Surveillance video captured the 23-year-old crediting the various amounts to an electronic gift card which he then kept for himself, according to the paper.

And it appears Mercer isn't alone in his alleged swindling efforts. Authorities said two other Saks employees were arrested for similar schemes just two weeks prior.

One rang up $169,000 in illegal credit, while the other was small-time, in comparison, pocketing $10,000, reports the paper.

The retailer is not alone. This customer service employee supposedly stole $12,000 worth of designer shoes on the job.