Kate Moss, blonde and well "mane"-tained at James Brown's salon opening (left), and now, sporting lackluster locks after a supposed falling out with the hair stylist (right). Photo: Dave M. Benett, Getty Images | INF/ BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM

When we regular gals have a bad hair day, it's probably because we're either too lazy (read: broke) to hit the hair salon.

But when a supermodel like Kate Moss is flashing dark roots and a messy mane, as she was last night (above right), something more sinister must be at play.

Like the rumor that the usually well-coiffed catwalker has fallen out with her hair stylist buddy James Brown and is reportedly doing her own hair, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The paper is speculating that Brown's reality show, "James' Salon," has caused him and his star client to clash after Moss reportedly balked at having too-prominent of a role in the series, rather than a cameo.

"It has become 'The Kate Show,'" she reportedly sniped to pals, sources told the Daily Mail.

Brown also admitted to the paper on Sunday that he is hoping to focus more on cutting hair, and that he only "sometimes" tends to Moss' hair.

"She maintains her hair herself nowadays," he said.

In that case, Kate, we have a tip: It's called Nice 'n Easy!

Maybe Kate Moss has been too busy throwing model parties for eight-year-olds to tame her tresses?