A classic Choo shoe. Photo: Saks.com

It's all about a Choo and it has nothing to do with flu season. It's T-Minus one day and counting until the debut of the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection early Saturday morning.

But we bet only a few out of the hoards of people who'll storm the fast fashion retailer for the lower-priced luxury goods actually know who Jimmy Choo is.

Here you go:
  • Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian designer based in London who studied at the London College of Fashion in the '80s and started selling his own designs in 1986.
  • High profile breaks like a whopping eight pages in Vogue in 1988 and counting Princess Diana as a top customer starting in 1990, catapulted this designer to the top of the shoe heap.
  • In 1996, the fabulous Tamara Mellon and Choo founded Jimmy Choo Ltd., which quickly became a household name after Carrie was robbed of her "Choos" on "Sex and the City."
  • Choo sold his stake in 2001 for £10 million British (now that's a lot of shoes), but still designs the Jimmy Choo Couture line under a license from Mellon's Jimmy Choo.
So listen up: If you want to plan on grabbing some of the special Choo for H&M designs, we advise getting there waaay early. Designer goods at H&M frequently sell out in a heartbeat, and we suspect this collection, featuring crystals, studs and animal prints, is going to go in about half a heartbeat.

There will be belts, evening bags and day totes, chokers, bracelets and cuffs.

Jimmy Choo shoes usually go in the range of, oh, $700-$1,100. This line is expected to be priced around $200-$400. Not exactly Christian Siriano for Payless prices, but who's complaining?

We advise wearing sneakers -- NOT stilettos -- so you can sprint for the goods.

We know we are not the only ones excited about Choo's upcoming collaboration with H&M; the collection's launch in L.A was a star-studded event.