Could these be the hot ticket item of the Jimmy Choo for H&M line? Photo: Jimmy Choo for H&M

Greetings, StyleListers!

Marissa Gold, Celebrity Style Editor here, reporting live from the Jimmy Choo for H&M VIP launch in NYC.

The Fifth Avenue store was closed to the public tonight so that a select group of editors (and friends of editors) could be the first to shop the new collection.

The action was tense, but civilized, as fashionistas sat on any flat surface they could find to try on the Choos.

Most of the heels were $99 and up, but accessories like belts and wallets weighed in a little cheaper.

Michelle Tractenberg of "Gossip Girl" shopped the selection while wearing the pair shown here in black.

While the first floor was crowded with Choo fans juggling shoe boxes with glasses of wine and hors d'ouevres (which were delicious, by the way), the rest of the store was nearly empty.

And it's a shame, because everything else was secretly on sale for 25% off, an employee told us.

We came expecting to buy one thing, and ended up spending a grand total of $379.35. (That translates to two pairs of shoes and two shirts in Choo land).

As for the quality, the shoes are relatively lightweight and the footbeds aren't padded, but this isn't the designer's full-priced line, which is the point, after all.

If you're a Choo fan looking for an affordable piece of the rock, you've found your sole mate. If you're a shoe purist who won't settle for less, you may want to save up for the real deal.

Expect a zoo Saturday (Nov. 14) when the store opens up to the public (read: get in line early and be ready to grab your goods.)

Our grand total.