Hey, Old Man Winter: Bring It!

Fall and winter coats come in so many beautiful shapes, colors and textures this season, we almost can't wait for it to get really cold.

Even the puffer coat is taking on new slimmer proportions. "If you're wearing one, you won't also need a big heavy sweater," says stylist Meg Goldman. "Opt for skinny pants or a skinny boot. Break up the proportions." Should you prefer a feminized military coat or more ladylike looks -- they're all on the racks this season. And even though some coats certainly quality as investment items, there are many styles out there that appear to be much more expensive than they truly are.

It's not hard to find a look perfect for your style and budget -- we've narrowed it down down for you. Look through the photos below, taken on a cold day near the Brooklyn Bridge, to see some of the season's best looks.