In the December issue of Architectural Digest, iconic American fashion designer Donna Karan opens the doors to her paradisaical getaway in Turks and Caicos. The multi-structure site, which is based on Begawan Giri, a five-star Balinese health resort, includes two guesthouses (one for each of her children), a sybaritic spa, a yoga pavilion, and a swimming pool lined with lava rock. Consider it her own brand of Zen.

In the cover story, which is out on stands now, the queen of sensual power dressing says that the strip of white sand beach where her estate now sits was a gift from Karan to her late husband, artist Stephen Weiss, for their 17th wedding anniversary.

Weiss passed away six months later; and between grief and two broken knees, completing the project took Karan some time-nine years in all.

Karan founded the Urban Zen foundation in his memory, which promotes the integration of Eastern healing into Western medicine. The boutiques of the same name, sell, amongst other things, overscale daybeds, tables, and bean bags, which are featured in the house. Karan's motto for her relaxed furniture is: "If you can't fall asleep on it, I don't want to know from it."

With the help of architect Cheong Yew Keon, Karan translated the Urban Zen aesthetic into 21st century holistic minimalism--the perfect setting for a yogi mogul and her stylish jersey-clad brood.

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