Claudia Schiffer at a luxury conference in Berlin.

Designing woman? If Claudia Schiffer has her way. Photo: Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Watch your back Kate! There's soon to be another supermodel-slash-designer in the mix.

Claudia Schiffer revealed at the IMG and International Herald Tribune's luxury conference in Berlin that she was looking for investors to launch her own clothing brand, reports Reuters.

"I would love to create my own lines now," the iconic German beauty said.

Considering her resume includes recent campaigns for YSL, Salvatore Ferragamo and Alberta Ferretti, the leggy 39-year-old is sticking to what she knows best: luxury.

"I would love to do cashmere, it is something I wear all the time myself," Schiffer mused. "I want the brand to be timeless and classic, with a fashion sensibility," quotes the news site.

But don't expect the supermodel to be retiring anytime soon. The multitasker is hoping to model for "as long as possible."

Moss shouldn't really worry about Schiffer nipping at her design heels -- the waif-y supermodel is already on her third fragrance.