A piece from Michelle Trachtenberg's collaboration with Coach Poppy. Photo courtesy of Coach

Michelle Trachtenberg, of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Gossip Girl" fame, is trying her hand at jewelry design for a special collaboration with Coach Poppy.

According to Coach, the collection, set to debut Spring 2010, will feature Swarovski crystals hand-set in amethyst, black diamond and clear gem colors Coach.

The line will also feature pearls, bold, mismatched hardware and a few key pieces include a heart-shaped crest and antique key charms.

StyleList caught up with the always fashionable Trachtenberg to get the scoop on her jewelry, find out the design inspiration and see if clothes are up next.

StyleList: How did the partnership with Coach come about?
Michelle Trachtenberg: I'm a big fan of Coach and have worn their handbags and accessories for years now. The idea to collaborate on a collection of jewelry was very organic, as was the design process.

SL: Do you consider yourself a girlie-girl or more edgy?
MT: I'm definitely a mix of both and my spring collection will really speak to that. I like to play with fashion and mixing a romantic dress with a tough leather jacket or studded platforms is totally my style.

SL: What was your inspiration for the designs?
MT: For spring I was really inspired by that romantic, antique-y feel and decided to punch things up with mixed metals and gems. It has a very "Marie Antoinette meets Blondie" vibe. My inspiration for holiday was twofold as well; I love bees and what they evoke and adored the idea of doing something not typically seasonal, which is where the cobalt blues and olive greens came from.

SL: Have you always wanted to design jewelry? What about other categories? Clothes?
MT: I am a big fan of jewelry and design, so the fusion of both was a natural one for me. I've dabbled in other areas of fashion and can definitely see myself designing in the future, though I'd like to focus on accessories. They really do make the outfit.

We're not surprised. The starlet has already collaborated with Monica Botkier to create the aptly named "Michelle" bag.

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