Collective sighs of relief were heard world wide (or at StyleListHQ, anyway) upon seeing Sandra Bullock's smart look (above, right) at last night's New York premiere of Blind Side.

Because after her last red carpet appearance -- the premiere of All about Steve on August 26, pictured above, left -- we were ready to write off Miss Congeniality as a style train wreck.

The 45 year old star, who usually looks years younger than her actual age, looked overdone and, well, a tad trashy, thanks to too-light highlights, a disheveled updo, and too-thick eyeliner and mascara that drew attention to the wrinkles around her eyes.

Which was sad, because Bullock is better than that.

But last night, she bounced back with chocolate brown locks that complement her skin tone, deftly applied eye makeup, feather lashes and a natural lip color. She looked classic and beautiful - not to mention about ten years younger than her actual age.

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