Most people head to their local Target for kitchen wares, but true fashionistas head to auctions. According to an auctioneer at Christie's, the current sale of the possessions belonging to Pierre Bergé and the late Yves Saint Laurent are already exceeding sale expectations. Indeed. A set of pots and pans owned by the couple sold for a colossal $22,379! We wonder if they ever cooked Spaghetti O's in them?

When we picture Avon ladies, we think of the vintage door-to-door sales women or coworkers who hand out little catalogs. But apparently, we need to think again. The traveling beauty sales ladies rolled up to Vogue UK's offices in a silver Airstream trailer, tour bus style, complete with the company's logo.
[Vogue UK]


Some of us less brave women skipped the Jimmy Choo for H&M lines because we know when it comes to lots of women and fashion, it can get ugly. The editor in chief of Elle UK believes the girls against girls meanness starts early. The good news is a reduction in hormone will make them play nice after they turn 50. Does this means that Chico's is less violent shopping experience?
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