Kate Moss during Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Pascal le Segretain, Getty

Like children, sometimes supermodels are better seen than heard.

Especially when they serve up bon mots like: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," which, Kate Moss (he epitome of waif), admitted was her motto in a recent interview with WWD.

Now, Moss -- last seen teaching eight-year-olds how to model -- is being slammed by eating disorder experts who feel that her comments were "pro-anorexia," Reuters reports.

The model's slogan of choice has been featured on pro-anorexia Websites -- to the dismay of eating disorder organizations like Beat.

"It's one that's used so prominently and so obviously in connection with pro-anorexic websites," Susan Ringwood, Beat's chief executive, told Reuters.

"We know she is a person who young people look up to, she's such a style icon, they are very interested in her life, they follow all the details of it.

"So for her to even inadvertently legitimize something that could be potentially so harmful is regrettable," Ringwood adds.

Um, Kate... how's that foot taste?

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