Rihanna's fashionable fanny pack. Photo: INF

Rihanna loves to push the envelope -- from her near-daily hairstyle changes, to her numerous fashion "oops" moments, to her trend-setting makeup.

But a fanny pack? Really?

It looks that way. The star was spotted strolling around London this week packin' fanny for all to see. She wore a long-sleeve multicolored mini dress with padded shoulders (very '80s, as Rihanna tends to sway these days), with a beige tasseled fanny pack on her left hip.

Granted, it was a Louis Vuitton fanny pack.

But does that even make it right?

We can remember our first fanny pack vividly (after all, it was neon pink!). But we retired that nylon monstrosity decades ago, and never looked back. So even though tapered pants, shoulder pads, and jeggings are back in style, is the fanny pack really comeback material?

Leave a comment and let us know if Rihanna is making you want to rock a 'pack or if you think this trend is best left to the original episodes of 90210.