Diane Von Furstenberg spoke at Oxford University's Debating Society this week. She didn't hold back when speaking about the trials, tribulations and success of her long career. "The whole thing was very tacky." Says the wrap dress guru on her stint selling dresses on QVC. She also admits that "The City" was not her favorite show, but it was a great business move.

The Ray Ban Wayfarers made famous by a young Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" are getting a makeover by designer Maya Hayuk. The limited-edition iconic sunglasses, now dotted and dashed with bright patterns, will go on sale at the Sunglass Hut to support the Lucoticca Onesight Charity. Only 150 pairs were created, so if you plan on sliding around the house in your undies, socks and shades, go get them now!
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Could some make up and lotions harm you? The Daily Mail provides a list of cosmetic ingredients to be weary of when slathering your body with beautifiers. While researchers agree that chasing that perfect skin has potential dangers, others say there is no cause for alarm since very little of what we use is actually absorbed into the body. The moral? Read the labels.
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