Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson kicking off their new movie. Photo: Lester Cohen, WireImage

Whether you're Team Edward, Team Jacob or -- hey, why not? -- Team Bella, you're no doubt freaking out in anticipation of getting a much-needed "Twilight" fix from "New Moon," which opened today.

And while the film's characters may snub traditional vampire accoutrements, such as capes and jet-black widow's peaks, in favor of high school-approved hoodies and messy bedhead, that doesn't mean you have to.

After all, what better way to nab a Robert Pattinson doppleganger than to catch his eye with one of these vampy "Twilight"-inspired fashions?

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Twilight Fashion

    Think of Alloy's cheeky Vampire Love tee ($19.90) as a vampire mating call. How else are you going to give Edward Cullen the green light?

    Toughen up with these hard-core Topshop Stud Fingerless Leather Gloves ($36) -- perfect for flaunting those talons of yours.

    If you can't get Edward Cullen's heart, you can at least get his smile. Jules Smith's Edward's Smile necklace ($70) features a fang-accented pout that you'll no doubt smother with kisses when nobody's looking.

    No girly-sweet Juicy Couture purse for you! This tough-as-nails Km Rii Black Cobra Killer Bag ($622) boasts edgy gunmetal studs and snakeskin panels on a distressed goatskin base. Very gothic glam.

    Sample this season's over-the-knee trend with these studded Candela Over-the-Knee Pirate Boots ($430). Forget walking -- these boots were made for kicking butt

    Get batty with this witty Giles & Brother Tiny Bat Necklace ($75-$90), available in silver or 14k gold vermeil.

    It's all in the name. This sleek Seychelles Vamp Bootie ($128) -- complete with stud detailing down the back -- makes for some ferocious footwear.

    Who needs Dracula's cape when you have Alexander Wang's urban-chic Matted Shrunken Vest ($395) and its vampire-inspired collar?

    For a bauble with bite, slip on this fangy Nasty Gal Black 'n Gold Spike Cuff ($16). Just try to avoid touching other people.

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