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The Didge Project in action. Photo: Courtesy of Karen Robinovitz.

In the new year, there will be a new shade of Huge Lips Skinny Hips, a brownish-berry with slightly pink undertones called Goji Berry Smoothie. The shade perfectly matches the exotic superfruit, which I mix in a smoothie with coconut water every morning.

It also comes with my secret family recipe, which, I guess, will no longer be a secret once it's out.

To pay homage to the shade, I invited F.O.P.L. (friends of Purple Lab - bloggers and Tweeters) to moonlight yoga at the chic Tribeca loft of my teacher Libby McGinley, a spiritual goddess who gave up her career on the runway and the cover of French Vogue for a life of Oms.

The best part of Libby's teaching is that it's not strict-Nazi yoga, but more gentle, fluid, relaxing. And her approach is meditation oriented, complete with soothing voice and a little chanting. To keep the mood peaceful, the Didge Project, a group of three cute guys (the type who wear Thai fisherman pants and have that effortlessly cool scruffy hippie hair cut most people pay Sally Hershberger $700 to get) who play the didgeridoo, a wind instrument made from hollow wood used in ceremonies by Australian aborinal tribes 40,000 years ago.

The sounds are earthy and cool, mellowing, the kind of thing you'd like to hear in a spa. But live! The guys walked through the space, playing the didgeridoo over everyone's body, which has a healing effect. They busted out some African djimbe drums on top of it, creating the most amazing music (we all learned how to play after and then they demonstrated the didge-hip-hop!).

Afterwards, Organic Avenue delivered delicious goji berry smoothies (a mix of banana, coconut milk, and goji berries) and my friend Rebecca Sharzer from Home Grown Love whipped up raw, hand-made goji berry chocolate truffles (no sugar!).

With our yoga, didge, chocolate and smoothie high, Linda Lauren, a renowned celebrity psychic, did readings for everyone by interpreting their hand writing (she said a Purple Lab TV pilot would happen in the near future! I hope she's right.).

It was a night the Dalai Lama would have approved of. Om to that!

Purple Lab Creatrix