As we previously reported, Victoria's Secret is grooming five models -- Chanel Iman, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lindsay Ellingson and Emanuela de Paula -- to be the new bombshells of the brand (see them in the above gallery).

In order to find out what it takes to be recruited into the sexy VS squad, StyleList caught up with four of these fresh faces as they lounged in their sparkly VS robes before they hit the runway at the celeb-studded Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

"It's really exciting to be the new face of VS," Ellingson, a California native, said while hanging in her makeup chair. "I've always wanted to work for them and it's my dream job."

As for pre-show nerves, Ellingson says she zaps them away by conjuring happy thoughts: "I think of something funny or my dogs," she says. "Just something that makes me happy." And she gets rid of pre-show jiggle with an odd secret weapon.

"I do dance classes, but I'm really big on butt crunches," she says. "I feel like that's my fitness secret. You lay down on the floor looking up and push your pelvis up and down. It's easy to do a 100-200 of those and it's such an easy workout."

"For women, what you really want to focus on is your abs and your butt. And it does both of those, plus the backs of your thighs. You don't run out of breathe and you can do it while watching TV, although it might look a bit weird."

Other secrets the bombshells revealed included what they really wear -- or don't wear -- as undergarments.

"I don't wear bras very often," admitted pouty lip British model Huntington-Whiteley. "But I always wear hot underwear -- something sexy or cute. I have to have good panties on!"

South African Swanepoel, on the other hand, likes to keep things simple.

"It depends how I feel," she says. "But there's really nothing better than putting a pair of those cotton underwear on after a long day of shooting."

And even though she was about to hit the stage in pretty much nothing, all of the underwear talk had first time VS model Chanel Iman cringing.

"I'm actually a little bit nervous to walk without pants! It's a little embarrassing!" she said. "I'm only 18 and it's my first time, but if I have confidence, I think that embarrassment will go away."

Stomping down the runway in wings and thongs, confident would definitely be the word to describe how all of these four ladies appeared at the show.

To see them in all of their VS glory, check out StyleList's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show coverage and tune into CBS on December 1 to watch the complete show.