Nic's perfectly straight locks. Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman wowed the crowd with her blowout at the AMA's.

The star's normally curly locks were smooth and straight, with a sophisticated side part.

So how did Kidman tame her famous coils?

Celebrity hairstylist Danielle Caputo recommends this tip to guarantee super straight strands: "Mix a little bit of grooming cream with a frizz serum to infuse hair with moisture and act as a barrier against humidity."

It's also all about the brush. "One of the biggest obstacles to a sleek blow out is using the wrong brush," says Caputo. Put down those vent brushes and round brushes - a flat paddle brush with natural bristles will give the sleekest results. Natural bristles grab and hold on to hair best, while the shape will leave hair flat and straight (as opposed to the voluminous straight look a round brush will deliver).

For more of Caputo's tips on getting it straight, follow the steps for Straightening Curly Hair, below.