essence absolue

Art of Hair Essence Absolue nourishes dry hair in an instant. Photo courtesy of Shu Uemura

Must-have product alert! Shu Uemura Art of Hair launched Essence Absolue just two short weeks ago and it quickly flew out of salons -- it's completely sold out and waiting lists are forming.

So why the hype? Apparently it's a magic elixir for dry hair -- it intensely hydrates, adds shine, and makes hair healthier overall.

Ok, fine -- but we've heard that song and dance before. To get to the bottom of this we asked salon professionals why their clients go nuts for Essence Absolue.

Daniel Jones, co-owner of Muse Salon in Alpharetta, GA says, "This product is incredible. Quite simply, there have been so many other products on the market that try to mimic what Essence Absolue does. This product makes for a perfect blow dry and closes the cuticle so your hair is left with a beautiful luster."

According to Joseph Cozza, owner of Joseph Cozza Salon in San Francisco, "It is the one product that can control frizz, tame waves and add shine and volume to almost any hair type."

And Bobby Cooper, founder of Bobby Cooper Salon in Indianapolis, IN says, "I love how sheer this product is on the hair. It really is the best product I have found to fill in the dry porous areas because it is so moisturizing."

We're convinced!

The peeps at Shu Uemura told us they are trying to push production and get more product into salons and online by mid-December. You can add your name to the waiting list at

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