Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

Alicia Keys has a pear-shaped figure, but you wouldn't know it from this picture.

The star, who performed on the TODAY show this morning and then headed to the launch of her jewelry line, used a few foolproof fashion tricks to ensure she looked svelte at both public appearances.

"Because Alicia's bottom half is slightly larger than her top, using a fitted leather jacket with a strong shoulder balances the proportion of her hips," says celebrity stylist Heather Thomson, who created shapewear line Yummie Tummie.

"The great trick is in the lovely light color Keys and stylist Wouri Vice use on top, which draws your attention immediately to her upper half," Thomson explained.

The accessories were also strategically chosen: The belt accentuates Keys' naturally small waist, and a statement necklace helps bring the eye up to Keys' pretty facial features.

For the lower half of the outfit, it was all about creating long, lean lines:

"A dark, straight leg pant gives the illusion of a slender and slim lower body," Thomson points out.

The high-heeled boots even play a part by lengthening Keys' legs a few inches. Choose a strong pair with a heavier heel and sole to balance out calves -- any shoe that's too dainty will only make legs look larger in comparison.