One of the UK's top paid models, Erin O' Connor says she's been told throughout her career that she should have a nose job and breast implants. The unique beauty who has walked for top designers like Christian Dior and Prada, has also been speaking out against ageism: "the perception that as you grow older, you 'lose your looks', I think is diabolical."

Do people have to look like models to be fashionable? Top fashion designers dish on who they want to rock their looks. Marc Jacobs says he has an idea of we he thinks his garments will look like, but says "I'd really like to see is people enjoying them. So I could really care less if they're split up the back or turned upside down or inside out. Who cares?" Michael Kors thinks its about personality and his dress design was "worn by both Lil' Kim and Sigourney Weaver. They wore it in obviously different ways."

There's a new word inspired by the most fashionable people on the web. A new wave of bloggers who have posted their favorite shoes, clothes and even pictures of themselves are becoming celebrities in the real world. Who are the new style "e-cons" rather than "icons"? One is Tavi, the thirteen year old who made appearances at top runway shows this past season.