Photo: Splash News | Getty Images | Startracks

Either these celebs are angling for a part in Broadway's "Chicago," or fedoras are the new cure for a bad hair day. Three female stars all rocked near-identical black fedoras in the past week.

Actress Marion Cotillard wore a fedora with jeans on a trek through New York's JFK airport on November 18.

Sharon Stone wore hers to a black tie event in New York City on November 17th.

And Beyoncé paired hers with a t-shirt dress while out and about in London last week.

We love the look best with an otherwise simple outfit--like Marion's sweater, jeans, and scarf. This way, it looks fresh and unintentional, instead of like you tried too hard for the "cool" vibe.

Time will tell if these hats become the big style for Fall, or if celebs just love to rely on them when they're not feeling up to par in the hair department.

Do you own a fedora? Leave a comment and let us know which look you like best.