Alexa Chung pairs a leopard-print coat with perky braids, and we heart her for it. Photo: Getty Images

We're the first to admit that we have an irrational love for Alexa Chung.

Ever since we first blogged about her last April, she's been wowing us with her wily, style-y ways.

But it's beauty moments like this that make us realize we're not just a guest on Stalk Talk -- and Chung really does deserve our reverence.

You see, last night (Nov 23rd) the MTV host attended the dressy 37th International Emmy Awards Gala wearing a messy updo featuring undone face-framing side braids.

We love this because the side-braided 'do is usually reserved for long-haired ladies (think Jennifer Aniston's Oscar hair style). But Chung proves us wrong, showing that the style looks just as good on sorter-length locks (Chung's end just below her ears, we, uh, think.)

And as opposed to braids being the ultimate girlie hair style (again, think Aniston), here, Chung makes them edgy and cool.

Perhaps the braid is on its way back to trend status -- replacing the reigning cooler-than-though 'do, the downtown ballerina bun. Only time, and Chung, will tell.