Anastasia Soare, brow stylist to the stars. Photo: Courtesy of Anastasia

At Anastasia Soare's intimate Beverly Hills brow salon, the walls are adorned with "thank you" autographed photos of the Hollywood elite; you can find everyone from Oprah to Madonna to Victoria Beckham gazing back at you with perfectly plucked brows.

But according to this brow maven to the stars, the surprising number one mistake women make with their brows is over-tweezing to copy the celebs.

"Women try to do all kinds of things with their brows, like forcing a high arch to lift the face. No, no! Your brows frame your features. If you over-tweeze and show too much brow bone, all of your features will look out of proportion," says Anastasia – who is sporting her trademark blunt bang long layered cut, and is dressed in an understated yet polished black top, knee length skirt and patent leather stiletto boots.

"Don't listen to anyone who says there's a trendy shape right now. Always follow your own brow bone and shape. And watch the brow opposite the hand you pluck with, because you'll naturally over-tweeze it, since reaching across your face makes you pluck in an upward motion," adds Anastasia.

Not only is Anastasia a hit with Hollywood; you can find her brow studios and products in select Sephora's and Nordstrom's. And business continues to boom - this December, Anastasia will open her first full-service salon in Brentwood, CA .

So what is Anastasia's favorite brow look? "I admit it – I love the fuller, more natural Sophia Loren brow. It worked then, and it works now. Classically beautiful brows never go out of style."