She's lovin' it! Supermodel Kate Moss at McDonalds. Photo: Rex USA

How do you recover from getting egg on your face?

If you're Kate Moss, you eat it.

The supermodel -- still reeling from last week's hullaballoo over "pro-anorexic" comments she made about being skinny to WWD -- has decided to boost her image by throwing a dinner party tonight, the Mirror reports.

(Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail.)

And it won't be just any dinner party. Moss has decided to host the festivities outside, with sources telling the paper that her master plan is to have prying paparazzi snap shots of her stuffing her face.

Insert evil laugh and rubbing of the palms.

"She is sensible about what passes her lips but she is rarely pictured eating," an anonymous pal is said to have confided to the paper.

"It's her friend Fiona's birthday and Kate has taken control of proceedings. She is insisting on an al fresco dinner -- where the paparazzi will be rife.

"Once she is seen to be tucking into her grub with gusto, Kate hopes to put an end to the criticism once and for all.

"For one day only, she will be the great human eating machine."

We'll believe it when we see it, hon. And for some, it might take more than a cocktail sausage to undo the damage caused by Moss' controversial "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" remark.

But in the meantime... let her eat cake!

Kate Moss may seldom snack in public but she karaokes at the drop of a hat.