Victoria Beckham designer jeans

Victoria Beckham wearing a skinny jean from her new denim collection. Photo: RACHPOOT/

After reports that Victoria Beckham's denim line was dropped from high-end retailers Kitson and Saks Fifth Avenue earlier this year, the posh mother of three is set to relaunch the brand in Spring 2010, according to Elle UK.

The collection, formerly known as dVb, has been renamed "Victoria Beckham Denim" and will skew more high-end, as well as "sharper and sleeker," says the British magazine, which ran pictures of the new styles.

Focusing on super-slim cigarette pants in both traditional washes and light pastel hues, along with bright leggings, a slouchy boyfriend jean, roughed up denim jackets and vests and crotch-skimming cut-offs, we expect a better response this time around. Especially if Beckham's dress line is any indication.

But recessionistas shouldn't get their hopes up -- prices will reportedly start at around $235.

So, do you plan on buying Beckham's new brand? Let us know in a comment!