Wes Anderson (left) and his dapper doppelganger, Mr. Fox (right). Photo: Bauer-Griffin | Amanda Schwab, AP Photo/Starpix

From "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" to his latest film, the stop-motion Roald Dahl adaptation "Fantastic Mr. Fox," director Wes Anderson has carved out a reputation for bringing to life some of the quirkiest and most stylized characters in cinema history.

And let's not forget the man himself -- always spiffy with a dash of eccentric in his trademark suits, made by Anderson's longtime tailor Vahram Mateosian of New York City's Mr. Ned. Mateosian spoke to StyleList about how he's helped turn his famous client into a modern-day style icon.

StyleList: How did you first start working with Wes?
Vahram Mateosian: Wes started coming here in 2000. I think that a store in New York that sells suiting fabric recommended my place to him.

SL: How would you describe Wes' signature style?
VM: Well, he definitely likes his clothes very fitted at the shoulders and waist. It ends up looking very natural on him because he's tall and thin. It doesn't work for everyone. And he wears a lot of corduroy, which is very comfortable. Some time ago he wore his pants a little shorter and his jacket sleeves a little shorter, but he hasn't done that for at least five years. [Though, Mr. Fox is wearing just that in Anderson's latest movie.]

SL: What is your favorite Wes Anderson film, and why?
VM: I like them all, but I'm biased! "The Royal Tenenbaums" is special to me because I made some of the clothes for that film. I'm proud that Wes asked me to do it, and I think that I was able to produce the styles that he had envisioned for the characters.

SL: Is it true that puppet makers working on the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" asked you for fabric swatches for the clothes they created for the film?
VM: I've never had contact with the puppet makers. But the rust-colored suit that the fox wears looks awfully familiar. [See above pictures.]

SL: Are there any other notable people that you have worked with?
VM: Yes -- Charles Oakley [former NBA player], David Brown [producer] and others. I've also made a couple of things for Wes' friend Jason Schwartzman [voice of "Ash" in "Fantastic Mr Fox"]. Really nice guy.

SL: What's your number-one piece of advice for guys buying their first suit?
VM: Get something basic that you can wear in any situation: work, festive occasion... Usually plain navy or charcoal gray lightweight wool works best.

SL: What's the biggest suit trend right now?
VM: Very high buttoned jackets with narrow lapels and soft shoulders with very small pads. Mostly two-button jackets. Very form-fitted trousers, as well -- no pleats, thin legs.

SL: What's the biggest suit mistake men make?
VM: Choosing a style that doesn't fit their body type. Guys will look at a magazine and say to themselves, 'Hey, that looks great, that's exactly what I want.' The models in the magazines are six feet tall and weigh 140 pounds -- of course it looks great, how can it not look great?, the guy is in great shape. I can copy the style and the fabric, but most guys are not that body type. If you're having something made, work with your tailor to get the look that's best.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" is now playing in theaters everywhere.