The future of vending machines. Photo courtesy of PR Consulting

It could be the world's most expensive vending machine, or the next step in the evolution of the hotel lobby gift shop.

Interview Magazine and the Mondrian Miami have partnered to offer guests an incredibly sophisticated answer to lost luggage or last-minute gift giving. Stocked with everything from the sundry to the one of a kind, items sold represent 40 years of pop culture, celebrating Interview Magazine's 40th anniversary.

Called the Semi-Automatic, the sleek machine, an oversized box, really, occupies and entire wall in the lobby of the hotel. Shoppers can scroll through available items on a digital screen, swipe a credit card and then retrieve their purchase in its sealed bag.

But if you think you're going to get a toothbrush or some cold medicine, think again.

This machine houses an ultra-posh selection of rare art work, experiences and very cool collectibles including a Dolce & Gabbana "We Love Madonna" tank signed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, a Jil Sander limited edition Foujita "Grande Composition" T-shirt, Vena Cava limited edition canvas shoes, a John Hardy cuff and trip to the John Hardy creative studio in Bali, a vintage shopping trip with Interview's Contributing Editor (and sometime StyleList contributor) Fabiola Beracasa, a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the Art Production Fund's "Prop Art" Prada Marfa sign as seen on "Gossip Girl" and much more.

We want to know what happens when the bag gets caught on the way down... Might need to call on The Fonz.

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