When we first heard about Demi Moore's YouTube promo for her new fragrance Wanted we cynically assumed it would be another lame, pre-packaged video with a fancy set and air-tight script trying to pass itself off as a "real" behind the scenes look.

But it's so not! Watch above -- it's just Demi chatting in front of her computer (in what looks to be her totally laid-back home office) looking casual in a tank top and glasses. Love that.

As she explains in the clip, she's asking people to make their own videos explaining what they want in a man or a woman, and send them directly to her.

Demi herself will watch every video, and then she's going to choose a few to turn into a compilation video that will be promoted across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

And since both she and her hubbie have bazillions of followers and friends that means a whole lot of people will see the videos!

Also check out the video of Demi fully vandalizing Macy's in NYC with her Wanted fragrance stickers.

You have until Saturday December 5 to submit your video to Demi so get creative -- and let's keep it clean, people.