All about the Benjamins. Photo: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

Dust off those ol' greenbacks because cash is back.

According to a new survey, shoppers over Black Friday weekend preferred cash to credit cards, reports Reuters.

Conducted by America's Research Group for the news source, the survey's results are sure to stun credit card companies: only 26 percent of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers used credit cards for their purchases.

Retailers won't be too happy either. Brit Beemer, founder of America's Research Group, called it an "amazing shift in consumers' habits" from years prior and said that shoppers tend to spend 20 to 40 percent more when buying gifts with credit, according to Reuters.

As for the rest of the shoppers, 39 percent used cash while the remaining used debit cards.

If you opted to stay in rather than fight the crowds on Black Friday, don't fret, there's always this helpful shopping app.