Suri Cruise in heels

Suri Cruise likes fancy shoes. Photo: INF

Katie Holmes and daugher Suri Cruise have been in the spotlight many times in the past few months for one very specific reason: Suri, 3, likes to wear heels.

Many parents took sides in a debate over the shoes' appropriateness, but Katie finally addressed her daughter's footwear today with an explanation that may quiet naysayers for good.

"They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids," the mom told Access Hollywood.

Katie, who has always loved to dance and had a guest performance on "So You Think You Can Dance" earlier this year, explained that her daughter simply wanted shoes like mommy's.

The dancing shoes have a modest kitten heel, and are actually supportive. After all, as fickle as three-year-olds can be, we'd expect Suri to have kicked them off by now if they were uncomfortable.

If only family friend Victoria Beckham would have chosen such sensible heels!