Lady Gaga and Barbara Walters. Photo: Donna Svennevik, ABC via Getty Images

Barbara Walters has picked the ten most fascinating people of 2009, but she's not telling.

Not until the ABC News special airs at 10pm on December 9th, that is.

In the mean time, a few nominees have strategically leaked out, including Lady Gaga, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, and Sarah Palin.

What a motley crew!

We just hope these three had the occasion to share a green room together at some point during the process. We're sure Gaga and Adam could find plenty of things in common, but would Palin approve of their gender-bending, boundary-pushing, pants-hating antics?

And how strange is the site of 23-year-old Lady Gaga next to 70-year-old Barbara Walters? Gaga's stiff white 'do and Liza Minelli-like outfit make her look less like a young pop star and more like a member of Barbara's book club.