Michele Obama State Dinner Earrings

Michelle Obama's stunning statement earrings are by jeweler Bochic. Photos: Getty Images | PRNewsFoto/Bochic

State dinners are not usually a source of great style, but when Michelle Obama is in the (White) House, all fashion rules go out the window.

We all know how fabulous her strapless, embroidered Naeem Khan gown was, but now the attention has turned to the quite ostentatious earrings that framed her face.

Designed by David Joseph and Miriam Salat for Bochic, the one-of-a-kind pear shaped earrings were made of rose cut diamonds, amber and tourmaline, and were among a few select pairs of earrings taken for the First Lady's approval.

"We developed a relationship with her stylist [Ikram Goldman] and were told that she was taking pieces for an important person in Washington D.C.," Salat told StyleList. "We didn't know, but we thought they were for the First Lady."

Salat and Joseph had no forewarning that their earrings had been selected. "We were watching television and were really blown away," Salat added when she recognized the Bochic earrings.

Adding, "We were completely floored. She looked so good and the earrings complemented her and the dress perfectly."

These particular earrings were designed to integrate both Eastern and Western design elements. "We were drawn to the orange hue of the natural amber and the rose color of the rubellite tourmaline, which are traditional Indian colors. We also added rose cut diamonds to create a vintage feel," Joseph said in a release.

"We've been on a high since this happened," Salat shared. "It's almost like opened a present every day when we come to work and look at out email. We're just thrilled. Michelle Obama is the superstar in our world. You couldn't get better than her."

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