Timberlake has been spotted with au naturel locks. Photo: Bauer-Griffin

J.T. Quiz Time! Why has the pop singer gone back to the curls that first made him famous?

a. He misses N'Sync.
b. He's doing it for a movie role.
c. He's just too busy to get a haircut.

If you picked answer b., then ding, ding, ding...you're a winner!

Justin Timberlake is playing internet juggernaut Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook and co-founder of Napster and Plaxo, in the movie The Social Network. The movie, which is currently filming, is based on the life of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and stars fellow curl-embracing actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Parker has curly hair, so Timberlake let his short crop, which helped him master the transformation from boy-band
icon to mature sex symbol, grow out into his trademark 90s wild curls.

Our advice to Timberlake (and all of you curly haired ladies)? Follow these tips from hair expert Danielle Caputo for making the most of your coils.

And leave a comment below on how you prefer your Timberlake -- closely-cropped or curly-mopped?