Kylie Bisutti

Kylie Bisutti doing her winning walk. Photo courtesy of Victoria Secret

As TV sets everywhere were tuned into last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS, during which the winner of the Victoria's Secret Runway Angel competition was announced, we were hanging out with the two finalists, Jamie Lee Darley, 23, and Kylie Bisutti, 19, as they watched themselves, anxiously awaiting the results.

Only the winner would be televised walking the Victoria's Secret runway, and her fate rested in America's hands.

Both girls told us pre-show that just getting to this point was amazing enough. However, we could tell that each of them desperately wanted the VS Angel title and neither one would be satisfied with runner-up. (And who can blame them?)

The two sat together at celeb hot spot The Box on NYC's Lower East SIde, while veteran angels were scattered throughout the chic setting chatting -- the anticipation was tangible.

Jamie cozied up to her boyfriend, while Kylie watched the show holding her husband's hand. Everyone's eyes were glued to the big screen, and when Heidi Klum announced the winner, the small theater erupted with a loud clash of gasps and cheers.

Jamie put on a pretty good face when Kylie was announced the winner, but couldn't hide her disappointment. Kylie immediately turned to Jamie and gave her a big hug before being whisked away for interviews. This new runway angel had stars in her eyes as she told us, "I am just so happy and excited. It is just an amazing feeling."

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We caught up with winner Kylie Bisutti both before and after the big announcement. The teen from Simi Valley, CaIif. was poised and confident as she talked to StyleList just minutes before the show aired. (We were biting out nails.)

StyleList: How do you feel right now?
Kylie Bisutti: This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I am so completely nervous, I'm shaking. I wasn't even this nervous walking the runway.

SL: How did your husband feel about all of this?
KB: He has been so supportive. He loved it. He is so proud of me and supports me all the way.

SL: How did it feel to walk down the runway in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
KB: It was an absolutely incredible feeling to walk the runway with the other Angels. This has been my dream since I can remember; since 8th grade I wanted to one day be a supermodel.

SL: How did you like being around the other Angels?
KB: I loved it. The girls were so nice and humble. They are all so beautiful on the outside I didn't expect them to be so beautiful on the inside and so down to earth.

How was Angel boot camp?
KB: The workout part was the biggest challenge but I wanted to be in the best shape I could for the competition. [One of the judges on the show said that Kylie was the one who surprised him the most during the competition; she pushed her limits and worked hard to kick herself into shape.]

What's next for you?
KB: I am definitely planning on moving here to New York full time and pursuing my dream of modeling. I am really going to give it my all.

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