Lilly Pulitzer's E-Lilly electric car comes in pink or white. Photo courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Mom's getting earrings. It's perfume for sis. Aunt Sue? Cashmere gloves. But what sort of holiday gift do you buy for your preppy Palm Beach pal when money's no object?

Why, Lilly Pulitzer's E-Lilly car, of course! (Imagine the reaction at "the club.")

Prices for the electric roadster start at a cool $12,995 (custom treatments and fabrics available at an additional cost). Available in classic Pulitzer hues of pink or white, this prepster-mobile is legal on all roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less, and, naturally, works on a golf course, too. Charge it up with any standard 110v household outlet and it'll travel for more than 30 miles.

So, you're thinking pink, white and green this season? Order before Dec. 31 (it takes about six weeks for delivery), and you'll receive a $4,234.72 federal tax credit for purchasing an electric car.

Sold? Call 888-400-0790, ext. 222, and ask for Nat Newsome. (Surprisingly, not Muffy.)

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