When we hear the words "Brazilian wax," every hair on our body stands at attention.

But many celebrities are fans of the hair removal method that allows them to safely saunter down the beaches of Miami, Capri, Saint Tropez and Malibu in itty bitty bikinis, with no offending hair or stubble in sight.

A Brazilian wax is a procedure in which warm wax is applied to the hairs around the panty line and on the buttocks and then removed with a cloth strip. There are various types of Brazilian waxes -- some remove every hair in the pubic area, while others leave a thin strip of hair, jokingly referred to as a "landing strip."

Despite the alternatives, many women (and even men) are going full throttle--opting for complete hair removal.

A waxing specialist can complete the process in about 30 minutes, rewarding you with 3-4 weeks of bikini-line smoothness for $30-$60 monthly upkeep costs. Experts advise having at least a quarter to half inch of hair growth prior to waxing to achieve a flawless bikini wax -- and to brace yourself for sometimes unnerving pain (If you are a Brazilian wax virgin, we recommend taking Asprin before your appointment).

This treatment is ideal for beauties with coarser and darker pubic hair, as well as those who experience irritation and bumps after shaving.

But no matter how you choose to strip down your hairs, there is a bit of pain in all hair removal methods. Check out the gallery below to learn how many women have experienced wax burns -- and how you can avoid it!