Chanel No. 5: The universal sent of seduction. Photo: Getty Images

Five is the magic number for most women when it comes to getting the guy.

According to a survey of 3,000 women in a poll taken for Superdrug, a British beauty chain, Chanel No. 5 came out on top for snagging a date and then turning that date into an official boyfriend, reports the Daily Mail.

All you single ladies out there, run, don't walk to your nearest Chanel counter. The survey said that one in ten women met their dream man while wearing the famous fragrance.

The findings also reported that 85% of women have been complimented by the opposite sex on their perfume, while two thirds said complete strangers have commented on how nice they smelled.

Seems that scent really is an ego booster, as the average woman credits her fragrance for securing her approximately six different dates, reports the paper.

Runner-ups on the top 20 list included Be Delicious by DKNY, Ghost and Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein.