Looks like Lady Dior's next adventure might boast some eerie twists and turns.

We've confirmed with Dior that, yes, the rumors are indeed true: Filmmaker David Lynch -- best known for strange-but-wonderful movies like "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Drive"-- is directing the latest installment of the Lady Dior Web saga, starring actress Marion Cotillard (and the Lady Dior handbag) in Shanghai this week.

While the short film advances the story line established by director Oliver Dahan's "Lady Noir Affair," which we gave you a sneak peek of back in May, there's no doubt Lynch will put his oddball stamp on the next chapter.

In the past, Lynch has set fashion trends -- think Sherilyn Fenn's 1960s-inspired bombshell in '90s television series "Twin Peaks" -- so while his depiction of Dior's handbag might give you the chills, it might also thrill you enough to go shopping.

Catch the first chapter in Lady Dior's adventures below.

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