Eva Green has dress issues. Photo: Alan Davidson

"Bond" Girl Eva Green had a little trouble on the red carpet last night.

And no, neither Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig came to her rescue.

The actress wore a tight black and red satin gown with a long, body-hugging bottom.

So curve-conscious and long was the dress, in fact, that Green stumbled multiple times, and had to lift the bottom of the dress off the floor in order to walk properly.

Catching your heel on the hem of your dress is a common fashion faux pas -- Just ask almost any model who's accidentally stumbled down the runway (either a too-long dress or a too-high heel is usually to blame). Luckily for Green, the extra fabric didn't result in a face plant in front of the paparazzi.

All complications aside, the low-cut cap sleeve gown was otherwise pretty sexy. Let this be a lesson in the importance of alterations!

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