Karl Lagerfeld really is on a roll lately.

First the Prince of Darkness told a German magazine that "no one wants to see round women," whom he also charmingly referred to as "fat mummies."

Now, the PC-challenged Chanel designer has ruffled feathers again by featuring Caucasian models wearing "yellow face" makeup designed to make them look Asian in a short film he directed for the pre-Fall 2010 Chanel show in Shanghai, WWD reports.

What, was Mickey Rooney not available?

The film, "Paris-Shanghai: A Fantasy," reportedly envisions a fantasy trip to Shanghai taken by Coco Chanel, cast European models as Chinese characters, according to the source.

The film, which features Asian extras, shows the Caucasian models wearing traditional Chinese costumes as well as heavy eye makeup to create an Asian-effect.

"It is an homage to Europeans trying to look Chinese," Lagerfeld told the paper.

"Like in 'The Good Earth,' the people in the movie liked the idea that they had to look like Chinese. Or like actors in 'Madame Butterfly.' People around the world like to dress up as different nationalities," he added.

"It is about the idea of China, not the reality."

You can say that again!

Whatever Lagerfeld's intent, his film is sure to cause controversy, especially in light of the recent use of dark makeup in French Vogue, V Magazine and on "America's Next Top Model."

What do you think? Should Lagerfeld have left the acting to Asian models? Leave a comment!

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