A new product is gripping the midnight world of simplify-your-life infomercial products. Literally.

Introducing the "Instant Arm Lift" – a large piece of square tape you can apply to the back of your arm, pull up, and secure to instantly eliminate the appearance of sagging triceps.

Like most infomercial videos, the dramatic and addictive right-before-your-eyes results has us glued to the tube. First we're shown that the tape works on lax back arm skin; we're fascinated. But then we're shown that it works on jiggly thighs and crepey knees too. It's almost too much to handle all the other possibilities.

But how is the Instant Lift any different from plain 'ol duct tape, also known to work instant miracles for pageant queens and Hollywood stars?

It's not clear that there's much of a difference; though unlike duct tape, Instant Lift does use a medical grade adhesive that is hypo allergenic and latex-free. So you can try it without the risk of having to explain a strange allergic reaction rash on a compromising area to your doctor.

And the manufacturer claims there won't be any pain if you remove the strip correctly after a day of wear. We're holding on to our cynicism on that one until we try it; there's plenty of things out there that claim to be comfortable that aren't. (Any woman with an epilator knows what we're talking about.)

We do appreciate the infomercial's honesty; they don't pretend that those clear strips can't be seen on skin, like clear-strapped bra makers attempt to convince us of. Instead, they suggest you hide the strip under short sleeves and skirts.

Guess that means we can't throw this into the beach bag come bathing suit season to instantly disappear 10 lbs. Now THAT would've been a real miracle.

The other beauty miracle of the day? Pills that can turn curly hair straight -- really.