Lady Gaga meets Queen of England

Lady Gaga meets the Queen of England. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The U.K.'s annual Royal Variety Show wasn't your staid affair.

Lady Gaga, known for avant-garde face masks and fire-shooting boobs, shook things up, performing for the Queen of England and Prince Philip, reports the Daily Mail.

Per her usual over-the-top sartorial statements, the singer donned a red latex floor-length dress inspired by Queen Elizabeth I, complete with a 20-foot train and pleated "neck ruff."

And as if that wasn't bold enough in the presence of royalty, Gaga topped off her look with sparkly red "panda" eyes, red patent booties and red lipstick.

Perched on a swing, the pop star banged on the ivories from a stilted piano which looked straight out of a Tim Burton film.

But rather than go "Bad Romance," Gaga was in a more sentimental mood and performed "Speechless," a song she wrote for her father Joseph who was in the audience, according to the paper.

Post-performance, the fashion-forward "Poker Face" met the Queen face-to-face and was the perfect model of manners. Gaga shook the Queen's hand accompanied by a waist-deep bow.

Sans crazy get-ups and heavy makeup, Lady Gaga is actually very pretty. The pop star mugs for the camera au naturel on this magazine cover.