Is the fountain of youth found inside an apple? Photo courtesy of Lather.

Move over açaí -- Swiss apple is the new anti-aging "it" ingredient!

When scientists discovered unusually resilient stem cells in a rare Swiss apple -- there are only eight trees left in the world -- word got out and beauty companies started figuring out how to incorporate the age-defying ingredient into skincare.

Long story short, when applied topically the apple stem cells (the ones that keep the apple from shriveling) keep human cells from dying, thus preserving youthful qualities and boosting skin to repair damage like wrinkles and sun damage.

In a clinical study of apple stem cells applied topically, 100% of participants saw a 15% percent decrease in wrinkles in just four weeks.

Lather's new Swiss Apple Wrinkle Remedy includes 5% apple extract (the study only used 2%), plus niacinamide for an instant healthy glow and phospholipids to replenish skin's moisture barrier.

And since other apple stem cell products will run you in the neighborhood of $300+, at $62 the Lather serum is an outright steal.

Between this and the other buzzy natural anti-ager resveratrol (extracted from grapevines) we have high hopes for our future faces.