An illustration from the Balenciaga runway. Courtesy of Blue Logan

Fashion illustrator Blue Logan frequents the same runway shows, exclusive parties, and Parisian boîtes that all the best photographers of the louche and glamorous variety do. But instead of wielding the typical flash camera, or more frequently nowadays, a camera phone, Logan can be found with a sketchbook and a pen.

"I don't have a camera," he said last week on the phone from the Standard Hotel in Miami where he was hired to draw the hullabaloo surrounding Art Basel. "In one night, I can do about 60 [sketches]. I just put them up. Sometimes you go to something and you don't feel like it and you have a chat with someone and it's not possible."

Hotelier Andre Balazs commissioned the 29-year-old English artist to "capture the week and all that's in it." For Logan this meant being a cool observer while Naomi Campbell, Bruce Weber, and the like flitted around at the week's top parties.

Having grown up in a milieu of artists, Logan is no stranger to hanging around the hoi polloi. His upbringing included frequent pop-ins by Zandra Rhodes, Brian Eno and David Hockney and he is the son of Diane Logan, who made hats for Ossie Clarke, and the nephew of sculptor and jewelry designer Andrew Logan.

If you didn't get the chance to catch Logan's act at the Standard, don't fret. He is also working on a project of sketches entitled "My Name Should Be on the List," which he describes as "going around to party queues and drawing people trying to get in and bouncers and the door bitches, you know."

And if that's not enough of a fix, then there's always Cheeky's, a sandwich shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where the likenesses of Logan's friends are painted all over the walls.

If you see him there, maybe buy him a drink. We hear he likes that.

"I do like a party," he admits.

Logan's front row sketch from a Vivienne Westwood show.