Alexa Chung at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Is there no justice in this world?

While the loathsome Spencer Pratt remains free to terrorize the network for the foreseeable future, MTV has given the boot to "It's On with Alexa Chung," the live celebrity chat show hosted by the intensely likable British model, Variety reports.

The show, which has featured the likes of Rihanna and Cameron Diaz, will reportedly call it quits after its second season finale on Dec. 17.

As for the show's replacement, MTV tells Variety that they plan to present a retweaked pop culture show in January.

"The difference between these (and scripted shows) is you have to develop these on the air," MTV programming exec Tony DiSanto told the source.

"We make the changes until we settle on the show that's what we want."

And what of the DKNY Jeans model? While network executives say that they are "leaving it open" in terms of future projects, the Daily Mail reports that the looker will front a new show for MTV.

"Alexa is still under contract with MTV until next spring and has no immediate plans to leave New York," Chung's publicist Liz Matthews told the paper.

"They want to work on other formats for their youngest viewers."

Let's just hope that doesn't mean giving her a fake Jersey accent and sticking her on "Jersey Shore!"
Meanwhile, get the details on Alexa's fab side braid.